GK Innovation was established March 2012 in Łódź, Poland. We design new, innovative solutions, products and technical solutions from different areas of life. All our products are characterized by uniqueness of solutions, and are patented. We are selling our own patented products and also develop products for external companies from concept until the construction of the prototype.We have our own R & D facilities.The company cooperates with Lodz Regional Science and Technology Park in Lodz.

We are pleased to inform you that we have received a nomination for the title: Polish Innovation Award 2015 in program run by Polish Agency for Enterprise Ltd. and by the editors of Business Plus in Gazeta Wyborcza.

In 2018, our company participated in the Vector competition, which is a joint global initiative initiated by igus®. The subject of expectations and searches were solutions that are applied in industry and those characterized by technical and economic efficiency as well as innovation and creativity.

All applications submitted from 30 countries around the world have been published in a global distribution brochure.