Smart Farmer It is an electric (hybrid) vehicle designed to work in the garden, indoor and outdoor small and large objects, backyards, driveways.

A wide range of accessories makes tractor to:smart farmer

  • mow the grass
  • sweep floors, concrete, cube, asphalt, etc.
  • collect leaves
  • snow clearing
  • carry loads up to 150 kg
  • grab, push, shovel.

Powered by electricity derived from 4 batteries with a total capacity of 240Ah provides continuous operation for 2-4 hours and at having to work over that time a special generator can be install which provides unlimited lifespan. Operating time depends only on the amount of fuel (hybrid). In addition, the device (after the installation of the generator) can be used as an alternative power supply in 230V / 2000W for other electrical equipment, eg .: trimmer, chainsaw, pump, etc.

Drive to the front wheels with a diameter of 19×7 using 2x500W BLDC motors provide power and speed with high maneuverability (vehicle is able to rotate in place). Small size (80x125x 650) make it occupies little space in the room (the garage).

Vehicle operation is organic, CO2 = 0, no fluids such as oils and greases, quiet operation (56dB), economical, very cheap operation – fully charging the batteries is the cost of 1Euro.

The tractor has mounted a basket with a capacity of 200l to collect grass clippings, leaves, sand, garbage  and after removing a trash the platform can be mount to carry materials by weight of up to 150 kg (riding wheelbarrow).

Easily attached equipment (lawn mower, snowblower, sweeper) height-adjustable, placed before the device makes the wheels do not knead the grass, not ram the snow, all the “waste” is taken before the device.

Comfortable seat provides comfort to the user, it is mounted on a flexible suspension with adjustable height and adjustable backrest, can be easily dismantled and reduced dimensions (height 50cm).

Control is via electronic intuitive control panel located in the hermetic and impact-resistant casing, additionally, the panel can be removed and control the device remotely (eg. when working on the device can be dangerous for the operator, ie. boggy terrain, high temperatures, high water level, etc).

At a later stage we plan equipped a vehicle with a module memory (learning) activity and the distance so that the device can itself eg. mow the grass or sweep the driveway and over the safety of the work will oversee a series of specially made proximity and location sensors.