Developed by GK Innovation system reducing odors from the toilet.

The ventilation system may be used in various types of toilets eg. the toilets with an additional suspended flush tank, some compact toilets and toilets with flush tank built into the wall.
The system sucks air through the toilet bowl (using channels through which water flows during flushing) blowing air in a a drain pipe connected to the toilet (does not require connection to ventilation ducts).
In most homes, in the bathroom, electric ventilation is installed in ventilation ducts which removes air (including odor) from across the room.This system ensures the removal of odor without having to replace all the air out of the bathroom which results savings heated air.

Ventilation is launched once user sits on the toilet, in which there is one type of sensor: temperature, tactile or proximity.The temperature sensor starts the fan when the temperature of the toilet board is increased by the heat of a body temperature above 26 degrees C.
Tactile sensor activates the fan if it detects increased load on the board. The proximity sensor is activated when it detects user presence nearby.
To prevent the air passage (odor) from the drain pipe inside the toilet in wye flow is installed check valve that is opened during operation of the system by:

  • the pressure generated by the fan
  • electric actuator.